The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: B.11.3
  • Manuscript Title: Missale.
  • Alternative Title:   Missal
  • James Number: 242  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xv early.
  • Physical Description: Double columns of 39 lines. Well written and ornamented.
  • Provenance: On the fly-leaf 'vn myssall' (xv).
  • Donor: Given by Nevile.
  • Size (cms): 30.5 x 21.5
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin
  • Century: 15th century
  • Folio: 297 + 4 ff.
  • Collation:  2 fly-leaves | Kal6 | 18-148 154 | 166 178 (wants 3) -208-368 3710 (wants 10 blank) | 2 fly-leaves. Wrongly foliated.
  • Notes:    No ff.178-187 or 278-287.
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  • Online Since:     17/06/2013
  • I. f.1 Kalendar in black, red, blue, crimson

    In the Kalendar I note
    1, 2 March. David and Chad added.
    9 Mar. added xv. Obitus Isabelle matris Johannis leuenthorp sen', et Willi Rilee patris katerine vxoris eiusdem Johis.
    20 Mar. Obitus Regis henrici quarti added xv.
    29 Ap. Ob. Robtifilii Johis leuenthorp sen'.
    4 May. Ob. Margarete matris katerine vxoris Johis leuenthorp sen'.
    14 May. Ob. Thome Dotty auunculi Johis leuenthorp sen'.
    22 May. Ob. Anne leuenthorp.
    27 May Ob. Johis leuenthorp predicti senioris.
    11 July. Ob. Johislane.
    11 July. Ob. Tho. leuenthorp armig. (later).
    24 July. Ob. Joh. Thornhill Clerici.
    6 Aug. Ob. Joh. leuenthorp armig. qui obiit a.d. Mo vc xjo etc.
    27 Aug. Ob. Emme Lane.
    29 Aug. Ob. Johanne vxoris Johis Leuenthorp Jun.
    31 Aug. Ob. Regis henrici quinti.
    5 Oct. Ob. Katerine vxoris Johis Leuenthorp senioris.
    19 Oct. Ob. Johanne vx. Joh. leuenthorp armig. que obiit in ao RR. Henr. vij et ao domini M. D. iiij litera dominical. f.
    1 Dec. Obitus Agnetis sororis Johis Leuenthorp sen'.
    6 Dec. (Ob)itus Willi Thornhill.
    27 Dec. Ob. Robti patris Johis Leuenthorp senioris.

    A John Leventhorp and wife d. 1484 are buried at Sawbridgeworth in Essex: he served under Henry IV. and V.

    II. f.7 Benedictio salis et aque etc.
    f.90b Proprium de tempore
    f.123 (Canon of the Mass)
    f.180(189)b (In dedicacione ecclesie)
    f.183(192) is blank.

    III. f.184(193) Proprium Sanctorum

    IV. (f.244) Commune Sanctorum. Missae uotiuae etc.
    ending with the Missa pro defunctis f.290(308)b.
    There follow in another hand Masses for St Etheldreda and the Translatio S. Etheldride.
    Then, in the same hand, the following Masses.
    For the Feast of the Visitation
    Name of Jesus,
    Five Wounds,
    St Anne,
    pro mortalitate.
    f.297(315) is blank, and two blank fly-leaves follow.

    The following pictured initials occur:
    1. f.7 Benedictio salis. Good border with lions' heads in gold. Small initial. Gold ground. Priest in alb and acolyte in surplice, book on desk
    2. f.9b Ad te leuaui. Border. Initial gold ground with pattern. Bearded man kneeling in blue mantle over pink robe holds up his nude soul in his hands, God's head in sky on R.
    3. f.30b Christmas. Border. Init. Nativity. Joseph hooded, not nimbed: ox and ass
    4. f.34b Circumcision. Border. Init. Joseph, Virgin, Child on altar: priest with knife
    5. Epiphany. Leaf supplied: late foreign border with no ground. Initial. Three kings (one in black) adoring: probably French.
    6. f.121b End of Prefaces. Initial. Priest in blue chasuble at altar: deacon and subdeacon in blue dalmatics
    7. f.123 Canon of Mass. Border. Initial. Sacrifice of Isaac. Ram on L. Angel points to ram and catches Abraham's sword
    8. f.131b Easter. Border. Init. Christ standing in tomb, with banner; two guards sleep in front
    9. f.145b Ascension. Border. Init. Virgin with crossed arms in midst of apostles. Feet of Christ seen above
    10. f.149 Whitsunday. Border. Init. As no.9. Dove above
    11. f.155 Corpus Christi. Border. Init. Priest in blue cope with ciborium walks to L. under canopy held by 3 men in tunics
    12. f.189b Dedicatio Ecclesiae. Bishop in blue cope with wooden spoon sprinkles holy water from a tub, upon the W. end of a church with aisles. A surpliced acolyte holds book open
    13. f.193 Proprium Sanctorum. Init. Andrew in blue bound to saltire cross by two men
    14. f.201b Candlemas. Joseph with basket of doves and candle. Virgin gives Child to Symeon, beardless, in white, behind altar
    15. f.205 Annunciation. Angel on L. with scroll Ave -dominus
    16. f.213 Nativ. of S. John Bapt. Elizabeth reclines with the child: a woman and Zacharias by her
    17. f.215b SS. Peter and Paul, with key and sword
    18. f.218b Feast of Relics. Priest in alb stands behind a table with a white cloth, on which are five gold reliquaries of various forms; one is a bust of a king
    19. f.325 Vigil of Assumption. The Virgin crowned and throned with the child
    20. f.225b Assumption. The Virgin supported by 4 busts of angels
    21. f.230b Birth of the Virgin. Similar to no.16, but Joachim only is present
    22. f.234b Michaelmas. Michael six-winged and feathered holds empty balances
    23. f.240 All Saints. Christ throned, with globe, blessing; on L. 3 busts of Emperor, King and Layman; on R. 3 of Pope, Bishop and Monk(?)
    24. f.244 Commune Sanctorum. Apostle between trees reading a book
    25. Mass of the Virgin. Annunciation: similar to no.15.
    [f.277 Pro Sponsa). Letter 'O' with busts of man L. and woman R. is the Mass for Bride and Bridegroom.]
    26. f.290b Order for Pilgrims. Bust of a man in blue with black skull-cap
    27. f.299b Mass for the Dead. A coffin with candles about and upon it. Striped pall of blue and pink


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