The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: B.11.34
  • Manuscript Title: Fragment of Music
  • Alternative Title:   Fragment of Music
  • James Number: n/a  
  • Date: Cent. xv., first half.
  • Physical Description: 
  • Provenance: 
  • Donor: 
  • Size (cms): 28.5 x 19.5 (approx)
  • Support: 
  • Language: Music
  • Century: 15th century
  • Folio: 
  • Collation: 
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  • Online Since:     16/01/2015
  • Music fragments from bindings of MSS B.10.5, R.5.34 and R.7.14. removed by S. Cockerell May 1982.

    Once part of same MS as Cambridge, University Library, MS. Add. 5963.

    Fragments from B.10.5:
    Originally at each end in the binding was a slip of a service book of cent. xv, with music on a four line stave. The fragment previously at at the beginning of B.10.5 has the name Humfray in a hand of cent. xv; that at the end has the beginning of a Credo.

    Fragment from R.5.34:
    In the binding at the end is a slip of music (xv, xvi) - the Creed, on a five-line stave.

    Fragment from R.7.14:
    A slip of late music in the binding.

    Photographs of these fragments shelved adjacent to B.11.34.

  • Wathey, A., , 'Cambridge, Trinity College, MS. B.11.34', in Early Music History, 3 (1983), 124-8

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