The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: B.11.9
  • Manuscript Title: Pontificale.
  • Alternative Title:   Pontifical
  • James Number: 248  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xv, (1430?).
  • Physical Description: 33 lines to a page. Written in England: fairly good pen work and initials.
  • Provenance: On the fly-leaf is a note by the late Dr Luard, "This MS. was written while Henricus Chicheley was Archbishop of Canterbury, consequently between 1414 and 1443. The use is that of Salisbury. See f.99." There is a reference to the use of Sarum on f.99a.
  • Donor: Given by Whitgift.
  • Size (cms): 24.5 x 19
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin
  • Century: 15th century
  • Folio: 325 ff.
  • Collation:  2 fly-leaves | 18-38 46 | 510 64 78-418 424 | 2 fly-leaves.
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  • Online Since:     14/11/2013
  • I. 1. f.1 Masses. 1st. In festo S. Trinitatis
    The last f.24b is Pro penitentibus.
    2. f.25 A Table, alphabetical
    Four blank leaves follow.

    II. f.1 Hee sunt regule generales de obseruanciis singulis solum episcopis pertinentibus etc.
    f.6b De coloribus vestimentorum
    De Albo colore. Albus color inter omnes.
    f.7b Meditacio de vita et dignitate et honestate virorum ecclesiasticorum
    Ad presbiterum pertinet sacramentum.
    f.8 Bernardus de dignitate sacerdotum
    Quantam dignitatem contulit nobis.
    f.9 Benedictio seminis etc.
    f.10 Of Pontifical Mass
    On f.23b, preceding the Canon, is a half-page picture, on pink ground with gold pattern, of the Crucifixion, with title on Cross, and the Virgin and St John (with book). It occupies the lower half of the page and is in good style, with border, and in the lower margin is a blue cross fleury on gold ground for the Priest to kiss.
    On ff.43 sqq. is the Litany in the Ordination Service. It is of Sarum type, ending with Prisca Tecla Affra Editha.
    After the Receptio monialium ordinis S. Benedicti follow
    f.273b Missa de Ihesu
    With an initial containing the monogram Ihs̅.
    f.274b Oracio S. Augustini
    Summe sacerdos.
    f.278 Isti psalmi sequentes sunt pertinentes ad formam recludendi unum anachoritam etc.
    Followed by the Psalms necessary for other offices, ending with those 'circa ordinem reconciliandi Apostatam.'
    Two blank leaves follow.


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