The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: R.16.1
  • Manuscript Title: Alaine's Astronomy
  • Alternative Title:   Robert Alaine, Alaine's Astronomy
  • James Number: 949  
  • Date: Cent. xvi (1576?).
  • Physical Description: Very well written. 4 loose sheets with rough diagrams on them.
  • Provenance: 
  • Donor: Given by Sir Edward Stanhope.
  • Size (inches): 16 x 11
  • Support: Paper
  • Language: 
  • Century: 16th century
  • Folio: 20 + 84 ff. + 4 loose sheets.
  • Collation: 

  • Letter from Edward Bullough, August 1930 is enclosed. A note on provenance is pencilled inside front cover.

    I. Alaine's Astronomy.
    f.1 Dedication
    Considering with my selfe Right honorable the greate benefite that redoundeth to all mankynde by the vertue and influence of the sunne and moone.
    Signed, your humble Orator,
    R. Alaine.
    f.2b Manie auncient and learned in the science of Astronimie
    It chiefly consists of an explanation of the writer's Instruments, and examples of their working. Ending f.15a: f.16 blank.
    f.17 A Table to knowe Eastere for evere
    The Tables of years all run from 1576-1677.
    Ending f.20.

    II. Alaine's Astronomical Instruments.
    These consist of sheets of thick cardboard, with 'volvels' ofvarious kinds, mostly in a very mutilated condition.
    No. 1 serves for 'the diuision of the Zodiack.'
    No. 2 for the Theorick of the Sunne.
    No. 3 for the meane motion of the Sunne and Moone.
    No. 4 for the motion of the moone in her epicycle.
    No. 5 to knowe the true place of the Moone.
    No. 6 for the ecliptics of the Sunne and Moone.
    No. 7 for the motione of the Dragons heade by the whiche is knowen the true Latitude of the Moone.
    No. 8 to finde the apparant Latitud of the Moone.
    No. 9 to knowe the apparant chaunge of the Moone.
    The four sheets on which these are, are followed by four loose folded sheets of paper with rather rough diagrams on them.
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