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  • Shelfmark: R.17.8
  • Manuscript Title: Memoriale Collegii Trinitatis
  • Alternative Title:   Trinity College, Memoriale
  • James Number: 994  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xvii (1614).
  • Physical Description: 
  • Binding:   Red morocco with gold tooling.
  • Provenance: 
  • Donor: Given by Sir Edward Stanhope, who had it made. On Sir Edward Stanhope see Biographical Notes on the Librarians of Trinity College, etc., by R. Sinker, D.D., Camb. Ant. Soc. 8vo. publications, No. XXIX. 1897.
  • Size (cms): 49 x 38
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: 
  • Century: 17th century
  • Folio: 133 pp. written.
  • Collation: 
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  • Online Since:     03/03/2016
  • A fine illuminated title-page representing a portico whose supporting columns are covered with the shields of the English sovereigns from Edward III. to Mary. The columns are surmounted by the supporters in gold, a lion and a crowned eagle each with a banner. In the tympanum are the arms of the united kingdom with supporters and garter. At the bottom the arms of Stanhope.
    Title, in 3 medallions:
    Memoriale Collegio Stae et Indiuiduae Trinitatis in Academia Cantabrigiensi dicatum 1614.
    Cura et industria Ed. Stanhope Militis Legum Doctoris Collegii huiusce quondam Socii compositum et ordinatum eiusdemque sumptibus delineatum et exornatum in piam gratiam et perpetuum honorem munificentiae et olim et nunc et in posterum huic Collegio Deuotorum.
    Erunt Reges nutritii tui et Reginae nutrices tuae.
    p.5 Arms of the College.
    Tetrasticon Dris Redman in Fundatorem.
    p.6 Status Collegii, a list of the Officers of the College, arranged under the arches supported by three rich columns with shields etc.
    p.8 Arms of Edward III. and account of King's Hall
    p.10 Reges benefactores. Richard II., Henry VI., Edward IV., with their arms
    p.13 Domus Michaelis. Its benefactors, with their arms in the margin
    p.19 Nomina Custodum Aulae Regis, with their arms in the margin
    p.21 Magistri domus Michaelis, with their arms in the margin
    pp.24-26 blank.
    p.27 Full-page painting of Henry VIII., perhaps copied from the portrait in the Master's Lodge.
    p.28 blank.
    Arms of Henry VIII. and his wives 29
    p.30 blank.
    p.31 Founders and Benefactors of Trinity College, with their arms in the margin
    p.32 blank.
    p.33 Reges benefactores, with arms
    Edward III., Mary, Elizabeth, James I., Henry Prince of Wales (text not written).
    pp.40-44 blank.
    p.45 Nomina Magistrorum, with their arms
    The last is Leonard Neawe.
    p.55 Episcopi qui Collegium Trinitatis suum agnouerunt nutritium: with arms
    John Whitgift is the first.
    Thomas Sterne the last.
    pp.59, 60 blank.
    p.61 Benefactores Perpetualium, with arms: the last is Anna Bromley
    pp.67, 68 blank.
    p.69 Benefactores, with arms
    Robertus Bankworth is the last.
    p.85 Catalogus Librorum repositorum in Bibliotheca Collegii Sanctae et Indiuiduae Trinitatis in Academia Cantabrigiensi munificentia Benefactorum eiusdem Collegii
    The last Donors commemorated are Robert Crane and Francis
    Crane (p.133).
    The rest of the volume (about 50 leaves) is blank.

    The part of the Register which relates to the Library is of particular importance as preserving lists of the MSS. (and printed books) given by Abp Whitgift, Dean Nevile, George Willmer, and others.


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