The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: R.3.15
  • Manuscript Title: Chaucer etc
  • Alternative Title:   Geoffrey Chaucer, Canterbury Tales etc
  • James Number: 595  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xv, xvi.
  • Physical Description: 30 lines to a page normally. In several hands, all fairly good.
  • Provenance: It seems to have belonged to Abp Parker. The pagination is in red chalk. At the top of f.5 are the initials TW in red chalk.
  • Donor: Nevile (see notes)
  • Size (cms): 28.5 x 21.5
  • Support: Paper
  • Language: Middle English
  • Century: Multiple; 15th century; 16th century
  • Folio: 316 ff.
  • Collation:  14 (supply of cent. xvi) 22? (1 gone) 32 42 56 (wants 4) 64 712 (1 canc.) 812 (misbound?) 912 108 1112-1612 (wants 8) 1714 1812-2112 (wants 8-12) 2212 23?(3 left) 24? (5 left) 2512-3212 (wants 12) || 3312 (xvith cent.).
  • Notes:    No ff. 20-1, 126, 138, 200-1. According to a modern pencil-note in the MS it was given by Neville (like most of the Parkerian MSS now in Trinity). If the MS was indeed given by Neville then Bell presumably never owned it.
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  • The first part of the contents list and the ink foliation, are by Beaupré Bell. See also his annotated copy of Urry's ed., H.18.38.

    I. In a hand of cent. xvi 'possibly after 1600.'

    1. f.1 Eighte goodlie questions with theire aunswers
    Sometyme in grece that noble region.

    2. f.2 To the kinges moste noble grace and to the Lordes and knightes of the garter
    To you wele of honor and of worthynes.

    3. f.3 When faithe faileth in prestes sawes
    On these pieces see Skeat's Chaucer l. 45, 46.

    4. f.3b The Prologues (to the Canterbury Tales)
    down to line 55
    No Christian man so ofte in his degree.

    II. f.5 The original hand begins
    In granade at the siege had he be.
    The Tales end on quire 32, f.11b.
    Explicit Tractatus Galfridi Chaucer de penitencia ut dicitur pro fabula Rectoris.
    Followed by the Retractation.
    See Skeat's Chaucer IV. p. xii. "Some leaves are missing, so that the Canons Yeoman, Prioress and Sir Thopas are lost. Of the D-type, without Gamelyn."

    III. In the hand of I., the title cut away,
    Piers Plowman's Crede.
    Cros and Curteis Crist þis bygynnynge spede.
    Ends on the twelfth leaf
    þ t þei maie wynnen þe lif, þ t euer schal lesten. Amen.
    This is the best MS. of the Crede; Professor Skeat edited the text from it in 1867. In his opinion it is a careful copy of a possibly xivth cent. MS.


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