The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: B.15.3
  • Manuscript Title: Lectionarium
  • Alternative Title:   Lectionary
  • James Number: 340  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xv late, and xvi.
  • Physical Description: Double columns of 26 lines. Initials of careful pen-work and colours very ugly.
  • Binding:   Stamped leather with metal corners, clasps (one gone) and bosses
  • Provenance: 
  • Donor: Given by ?
  • Size (cms): 34.5 x 22.5
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin; Music
  • Century: Multiple; 15th century; 16th century
  • Folio: 127 ff.
  • Collation:  a6 replaces b gone c8-e8 f6 | g8-s8 wants 5-8 blank.
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  • Online Since:     14/11/2014
  • Frontispiece, xvi cent. coloured drawing with border of roses, columbine, pink etc. with birds and genii.
    The picture represents the Virgin and Child in air supported by two angels, and standing on the crescent: two more angels hold a crown over her head. Below, kneels a nun (Benedictine?) with black headdress edged with white. On R. St Benedict with crozier. On L. St Katherine with crown, book, sword and wheel, standing on Maxentius. Behind is a city in a landscape. On the top are two shields
    (1) On L. Arg. a fess gules: in chief three red roses. This appears over the frame above.
    (2) On R. Azure, two lions rampant arg. facing each other.
    The shield of the five wounds is also in the border.1. Feria 2a lxxe lectio 1.
    Adam uero cognouit.
    f.6 though intervening in the middle of a word is blank, because the present quire a was written to replace an original quire now lost, and is probably written on a different scale.
    The Ferial Lessons (3 a day) for the season continue.
    On f.30 is the rubric
    suad voerna den lissen des weken lme.
    The last in this section (in a later hand) is
    Nihil ergo apud nos loci.
    It is unfinished and followed by 3 and a half blank leaves.
    2. f.36 De S. Barbara V. ac M. lect. 1
    Temporibus imperatoris maximiani.
    8 lessons.
    Purification (12).
    Annunciation (9).
    In festo clauorum et lancee (3).
    In festo venerabilis sacramenti (12) and Octave.
    Visitation (12) and Octave.
    In commem. beatiss. dei geniti V. Marie (3).
    f.75 Sequuntur lectiones de vita sanctis. V. et M. Christi Catharine per hebdomadas di. quando de patrono agitur et in festo et per octauas
    f.75b Partial border, and bad initial of St Catherine seated with crown, sword and wheel
    Cum sanctorum fortia gesta
    -tale sumamus exordium.
    f.76b Inc. vita b. Catharine
    Tradunt annales historie.
    The 1st set of lessons is of twelve: the rest of 3 each up to the octave which has 12.
    Ends f.109b
    per immortalia sec. sec. Amen.
    Euang. Simile est regnum celorum thesauro abscondito etc.
    Hic liber iussu venerabilis domine marie de viuario inchoatus venerabilis tamen domine catharine dans perfectus est anno xliij mensis ianuarij die octauo manu henrici nollens presbyteri quorum anime post mortem cum christo requiescant in pace. Amen.
    Additions in two other hands follow.
    1. f.110 de clauis et lancea domini ad 1as vesperas
    Music on a four-line stave follows.
    In splendore fulgurantis haste.
    Pange lingua gloriose lancee preconium.
    The last piece is the
    Communio. Apprehende arma.
    2. f.119 In festo visitationis b. Marie ad missam
    Salue stillans melle aluearium.
    3. Contra pestem.
    f.121 Recordare domine testamenti
    4. f.122b In festo compassionis marie V.
    In a much later character of hand.
    Ueni in altitudinem maris.
    Ends with Communio. Epulari et gaudere oportet.
    5. In festo S. Anthonii Abb. lect. 1 sermo b. Gregorii.
    f.125b Seruus qui geminata talenta
    There are 8 lessons.
    viii. Oportunum valde videbatur.
    Euange. Dixit simon petrus ad do. iesum.


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