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  • Shelfmark: B.15.33
  • Manuscript Title: Isidori Etymologiae
  • Alternative Title:   Isidore, Etymologiae
  • James Number: 368  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. ix [X?]
  • Physical Description: 27-24 lines to a page. In a fine round Saxon hand. Headings in red and black uncials.
  • Binding:   

    In the binding is a fragment (late xv) of a case in law-French. The names that occur are Thirn. Hunk. Skrene. Hill. Till.

  • Provenance: 

    The leaves are numbered in red chalk in Parker's manner from 17 to 159. On f.146b [145v] is writing in what looks like Stephen Batman's hand: The age of þis book/741/Anno 1574 (indicating that there was a date fixing it to A.D. 833). [See also the description at the end of manuscript contents]

  • Donor: Given by Nevile.
  • Size (cms): 26.5 x 18.5
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin
  • Century: 9th century
  • Folio: 146 ff.
  • Collation:  18 210 38 410 (8 canc.) 58 610 710 (two canc.) 810 (as 7) 9 (as 7) 10 (as 7) 1110 (8 canc.) 128 13 (as 7) 14 (as 7) 15 (as 7) 168 178 | 186 (four left, blank) at each end 4 paper fly-leaves and one parchment leaf.
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  • Isidori Etymologiarum Libb. v.-ix.
    Inc. in V. xxxiii. 1. mi non ex solis circulo . sed ex lune cursu enumerantur.
    P.L. lxxxii. 219 A.
    Greek words inserted in red capitals.
    According to the numbering of this MS. this is cap. vi.
    c. vii. begins on f.2. de soli stitiis et aequi noctiis (xxxiv. in edd.).
    The table of the six ages in c. xii. (=xxxix.) is in a smaller hand.
    ExpLCIT liber qVINTVS.
    f.9 INC. capitula libri sexti
    There are 9 chapters as against 19 of edd.
    f.9b INC. LIBER sextus
    c. iii. de biblioticis has six divisions: so has iv. de cartis et pergamenis.
    The table of cycles P.L. col.245-47 is omitted.
    It may have intervened in a pair of leaves between quires 3 and 4. The text however has no other gap here.
    f.26 ends: stratum annorum and f.27 begins Post cuius.
    Expl. lib. vi.
    f.40 Inc. capitula liberi septimi
    There are 14 chapters as in edd.
    Expl. capitula.
    f.40b Inc. eiusdem liber
    By the title of c. ii. De filio dei is godes þynnē.
    Expl. Lib. septimus.
    f.77 Inc. capp. libri octavi
    These are numbered continuously with lib. vii., from xv. to xxv, corresponding with the number in edd.
    Finiunt capp.
    f.77b Inc. eiusdem libri octavvi
    Finit lib. octavvs.
    f.108 Inc. capp. Libri noni
    Numbered from xxvi.-xxxiii.: there are 7 in edd.
    Expl. capp.
    f.108 Inc. eiusdem liber nonus
    On f.139a after Germani Germanae (P.L. col. 359), the rest of the page is left blank. Batman adds in Saxon letters
    Finis . de ritibus historiarum.
    On f.139b is a table
    Item de predictis adfinitatibus.
    Auctor mei generis etc. -ego illi neptis filius aut filia, in six columns.
    f.140a is blank and the portion of text from "Matris meae soror" onwards, with the stemmata, is omitted. (P.L. 360-63.)
    On f.140b the text continues with c. xxxii. (=vii.) De coniugiis ending
    Credo equidem nec uana fides genus esse deorum (f.141b).
    Twelve lines (in P. L.) are wanting to complete the book.

    There are corrections in a hand nearly contemporary with the original.

    He that wilbe parfet in bookes that are newe
    by the olde, he shall knowe the better to vewe.
    This book is a Scoolemaster to those yt are wise
    But not to fonde fooles, that learning dispise.
    A Jwell it is, who liste it to reede,
    With in it are pearells, precious in deede

    Then follows

    alphabetum Saxonicum et coniunctivum.

    The alphabet, with abbreviations.

    At the end
    Collumalarii the name of a saxon doctor in divinite, da gloriam deo

    On a paper fly-leaf in the same hand(?) are a number of texts from Genesis, Exodus and Numbers.

    There are a good many marginal notes by Batman(?).


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