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The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: B.15.34
  • Manuscript Title: SAXON HOMILIES.
  • James Number: 369  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xi.
  • Physical Description: 21 lines to a page. In a fine hand.
  • Binding:   Fine xvith stamped leather with gold tooling and Whitgift's arms
  • Provenance: Belonged to J. Parker, whose name is at the beginning, and also a table, made probably by one of Parker’s secretaries. The volume is paged in red chalk. There are bits of accounts among the fly-leaves: early xvi. Will. Colne is mentioned often.
  • Donor: Given by Whitgift.
  • Size (cms): 26 x 17.5
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Old English
  • Century: 11th century
  • Folio: 218 ff.
  • Collation:  18-278 | 282 (2 gone). The last leaf is added in xvith cent. and has the last six lines of the last sermon.
  • Second Folio:    sþa snaþ
  • See on this volume Wanley's Catalogue

    There is a fine full-page drawing on the first page, in outline with a little green and red colour:
    Christ in mandorla seated blessing: He is bearded and has cross nimbus and open book inscribed
    ego sum lux
    qui de mun
    morte di
    surrexi Ego
    ego uiuo uenio
    in eternum in die
    On His breast is IUSTUS IUDEX and on His knees REX REGUM.

    1. p.3 Die Dominica PASCAI
    OFT . GEGEHER don.
    2. p.18 Item alius sermo de die Pasche
    Hit is sƿiðe gedafenlic.
    On the margin of p.19 is a pen-trial (xi).
    omnia uincit amor et nos cedamus amori. Dicite pierid.
    3. p.26 Fer. IIIII. Gelome aet eorde
    4. p.35 Dom. I. post paschae. Cum esset sero
    Efter ðaes haelendes aeriste.
    5. p.51 Dom. II. post pascha. Dixit Ihesus...Ego sum pastor bonus
    Þis godspell þe nu geraed.
    6. p.79 Dom. III. post pasca
    Ure leofa haelend.
    7. p.90 Dom. IIII. post pasca. Uado ad eum qui me misit
    Manega godspell syndon gesette.
    8. p.l03 Dom. V. post pasca
    Sume men nyton geƿiss.
    8. [sic James] p.118 In letania maiorae
    Þas dagas synd gehatene letanige.
    9. p.135 Fer. III. de dominica oratione
    Se haelend Crist.
    10. p.157 Fer. IIII. de fide catholica
    Ælc cristen man.
    11. p.179 In ascensione domini. Primum quidem sermonem
    Lucas se godspellere.
    12. p.199 Dom. post ascens. domini. Cum autem uenerit paraclitus
    Se haelend her on life.
    13. p.211 In die sancto pentecosten
    Fram ðam halgan easter daye.
    14. p.232 Dom. pentecosten. Si quis diligit me
    Iohannes se godspellere.
    15. p.249 Sermo ad populum in octauis pentecosten dicendus
    Ƿe ǷYLLAD EOƿ secgan.
    16. p.281 Dom. I. post pentecosten. Erat homo ex pharisseis
    Sum phariseisc man.
    17. p.295 Dom. II. post pent. Homo quidam erat diues
    Se ƿealdenda drihten.
    18. p.310 Dom. III. post. pent. Homo quidam fecit cenam
    Se haelend saede þis bigspell.
    19. p.319 Dom. IIII. post. pent. Erant adpropinquantes ad ihesum
    Dad (ha)lige godspell us saegð.
    20. p.337 Dom. v. post pent. Estote ergo misericordes
    Lucas se godspellere þe ƿaes laete on life.
    21. p.351 Dom. vi. post pent. Cum turbe irruerent
    On ðaere tide iu hit getimode.
    22. p.363 Dom. VII. post pent. Amen dico uobis nisi abundauerit
    Matheus se godspellere þe ƿaes mid criste onlife.
    23. p.376 Dom. VIII. post pent. Cum multa turba esset
    Marcus se godspellere cƿaeð on ðisum.
    24. p.387 Dom. VIII (9) post pent. Adtendite a falsis prophetis
    Drihten cƿaeð.
    25. p.398 Dom. X. post pent. Homo quidam erat diues qui habebat uillicum
    Se haelend saede þus to his halgum aplm̅
    26. p.415 Dom. XI. post pent. Cum adpropinquaret Ihesus hierusalem
    On sumere tide.
    Ends imperfectly p.432.
    carfulle þæt ure tima.
    The end (six lines) added on a leaf of xvith cent.
    A table on the fly-leaves.

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