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The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: B.3.5
  • James Number: 84  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xii.
  • Physical Description: 38 lines to a page. Fine regular small hand. Interesting initials. That to Nahum in red and green outline represents a two-headed dragon. The two next are in solid green: others in purple and green, and purple only. Towards the end, blank spaces are left for Greek words.
  • Provenance: From Christ Church, Canterbury. On the 1st leaf is an imperfect inscription.-super naum abacuc sophoniam aggeum Zachariam Malachiam Danielem prophetas D. V. g. I (erasure). secunda pars Ieronimi super prophetas. On ff.1, 2 are parts of a xvth cent. alphabetical table of contents.On f.3 at top is the mark ύhύIn the running title propheta is usually written PPhHTA. [first P has a tail to the left of the descender continuing from the bottom of the bowl, indicating the abbreviation for pro]See Edwards, p.144, 5. Ingram, no.117.
  • Religious House:   Canterbury, Kent, Benedictine Cathedral Priory (Christ Church)
  • Donor: Given by Whitgift.
  • Size (cms): 33 x 23.5
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin
  • Century: 12th century
  • Folio: 144 ff.
  • Collation:  a i-xviii (wants 7, 8 blank).
  • Second Folio:    one Mundi
  • On f.2b is a note of contents in the original hand:
    In hoc uolumine continentur explanationis b. ieronimi presbiteri decem libri super prophetas Naum Abbacuc Sophoniam Aggeum Zachariam Malachiam Danielem. Naum est liber ● I. Abbacuc libri ● II. Sophonie liber ● I. Aggei liber ● I. Zacharie libri ● III. Malachie liber ● I. Danihelis liber ● I.1. f.3 Inc. liber explanationum b. Ieronimi presbiteri super Naum prophetam ad Paulam et Eustochium (red and green capitals): (xxv. 809)
    Iuxta ύlxxύ interpretes in ordine ύxiiύ prophetarum.
    2. f.16 Super Abbacuc ad Chromatium (libri II)
    3. f.36 Super Sophoniam ad Paulam et Eustochium.
    4. f.52 Super Aggeum ad " " "
    5. f.61 Super Zachariam ad Exuperium (libri III)
    6. f.104 Super Malachiam ad Minervium et Alexandrum
    7. f.116b Super Danielem ad Pammachium et Marcellum
    Ends f.143 in ipsorum libris poterit inuenire.
    Expl. liber b. Ieronimi presb. super Danihelem.
    f.143 Expositis ut potui que in danihelis libro iuxta hebraeum continentur, ponam breuiter quid origenes in decimo stromatum suorum libro de susanne et belis fabulis dixerit
    Ends: tunc querendum est quid ei respondere debeamus (no colophon).
    8. In a slightly later hand: Beda de temporibus (Cap. 8, xc. 326).
    f.144 Ebdomada grece a septenario numero nomen accepit
    In margin (xv) S. beda doctor et monachus
    habet istud in libro suo de temporibus.
    Ends f.144b sed ad lune cursum stringi.

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