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The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: B.5.28
  • James Number: 174  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xii, early.
  • Physical Description: Double columns of 44 lines. In the Canterbury hand. A large initial on f.1 is cut out. Ps. cix (f.45a), and cxvii (f.60), cxviii (f.60b), cxix (f.87b), have good initials.
  • Provenance: From Christ Church, Canterbury: it belongs to the same set as B.5.26. At the top of f.1 is Tercia pars psalterii de claustro Ecclesie Christi Cantuarie,which occurs again on f.194. Edwards, p.155. Ingram, no.78.
  • Religious House:   Canterbury, Kent, Benedictine Cathedral Priory (Christ Church)
  • Donor: Given by Whitgift.
  • Size (cms): 38 x 28
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin
  • Century: 12th century
  • Folio: 199 ff.
  • Collation: Collation : i8-xxv8 (wants 8 blank).
  • Notes:    See Gneuss (2014): Companion volume to B.5.26 (Gneuss 171) and also to Gneuss 937.5
  • f.1 Aurelii Augustini Doctoris Tractatus primus de red and blue capitals: rest of heading gone with initial (P.L. xxxvii.)
    Ends f.199b omnis spiritus laudet dominum. Aur. Augustini egregii oratoris tractatus super ps. centesimum quinquagesimus explicit.
    Scribbled below (xiii) is
    A son trecher amy si li pl.
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