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The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: O.1.78
  • Manuscript Title: Genealogy of the Kings of England
  • Simplified Title:   Genealogy of the Kings of England
  • James Number: 1103  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xv.
  • Physical Description: A roll. In a neat, rather current hand.
  • Provenance: 
  • Donor: 
  • Size (cms): 244 x 27
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin; Middle English
  • Century: 15th century
  • Folio: 
  • Collation: 
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  • Online Since:     30/06/2015
  • A Genealogy of the Kings of England.
    The poem begins
    (P)er hanc figuram inferius circulatam possunt sciri diuersa regna
    que quondam per Angliam et in Anglia distinguehantur. Verumtamen anglia oblonga est etc.
    The paragraph ends with some verses about the principal cities.
    De cuius laude quidam sic ait metrificando.
    Ilia quidem longe celebri splendore beata
    Testes Ely formosa situ couecestria visu.
    (P)ost suprascripturam regnorum particionem quibusdam regibus processu temporis inter se dimicantibus etc.
    Then follows the Genealogy, beginning with
    Adelbrith filius Ailmundi regnauit triginta septem annis et mensibus sex
    Brithrich Rex Westsexie.
    These two names are placed on a level. They are enclosed in red circles with some ornament. The names are throughout in red, and there is accompanying text in black.
    The roll ends with
    Edwardus secundus post conquestum regnauit decem et nouem annis et dimidio.
    The text ends (unfinished or imperfect)
    coronatus est in Regem apud Westm. citoque post scilicet 3 o nonas Aprilis translatus.
    [Perhaps derives from B.L. Add. MS. 30079 - O. de Laborderie, 1997 correspondence]

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