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The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: B.10.25
  • Manuscript Title: BIBLIA II.
  • James Number: 236  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xiii (1270?)
  • Physical Description: The second volume of B.10.24. Fine hand: good pictured initials.
  • Provenance: Belonged to Joannes Hackett (Bp of Coventry and Lichfield).
  • Donor: 
  • Size (cms): 15 x 10
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin
  • Century: 13th century
  • Folio: 417 ff.
  • Collation: in quires of 26 leaves.
  • f.1 Proverbs -2 Macc.
    f.217 Evv., Paul. Epp., Act., Cath. Epp., Apoc. List of the books
    f.361 Interpretationes nominum: Aab -Zuzim
    f.417b List and classifications of the books in verse in another hand
    Penth. Josu. Ju. ruth. re. paralip. esdras neemias
    Restant apogrifa · ihs · sapientia · pastor · non legitur.
    Et machabeorum libri · libri · Judi ’ atque thobias.
    Hii quia sunt dubii sub canone non numerantur etc.
    The pictured initials are:
    1. Parab. Solomon seated with rod. Rehoboam nude to waist sits on R. reading.
    2. Eccl. Solomon throned on L. A dead man lies on R.: a white curtain above.
    3. Cant. The Virgin and Child. She holds an apple.
    4. Sap. A mailed man with vizor down: gold shield. Solomon on R. seated.
    5. Ecclus. The Church crowned and throned: chalice in R; cross-staff in L. hand.
    6. Is. A man saws the head of Isaiah, who kneels on one knee with bound hands.
    7. Jer. A man stones Jeremiah, who kneels.
    8. Lam. Jeremiah sits outside the gate of Jerusalem: hand to face.
    9. Baruch. In peaked cap writes at desk.
    10. Ezekiel. In bed. The four beasts in clouds above.
    11. Daniel. Half-length in rock: four lions' heads round him: he caresses two.
    12. Hosea. Nimbed sits embracing Gomer. God's head in cloud.
    13. Joel. Nimbed sits with scroll. God's head in cloud.
    14. Amos. Sits with club: sheep and trees on R. God's head above.
    15. Obadiah. In bed. Christ half-length with globe in cloud.
    16. Jonah. Below, emerges from fish's mouth. Nineveh above.
    17. Micah. Seated on chair with scroll. God's head above.
    18. Nahum. Nimbed. City on R. falling.
    19. Habakkuk. With scroll in R. hand, loaves in robe, and jug in L. Angel above seizes his hair.
    20. Zephaniah. Seated with scroll. God's head above.
    21. Haggai. Stands with scroll. God's head above.
    22. Zechariah. Stands with scroll. Angel flies down.
    23. Malachi. Seated with scroll addresses two priests in chasubles on R.
    24. 1 Macc. Mattathias in cap beheading kneeling bearded man, who holds a pig's head on a dish.
    25. 2 Macc. Sceptred man gives letter to kneeling messenger with forked staff.
    26. Matth. 2nd prologue. Kneeling angel in gold with book.
    27. Text. Jesse sleeping. Tree with four half-figures: two Kings, the Virgin, Christ with globe. On R. below is a white curtain, and a gate.
    28. Mark. Prol. Lion, with book. Text. Mark in dalmatic with book.
    29. Luke. Zacharias, in white hood and gold chasuble, swings censer: small angel over altar.
    30. John. Prol. Eagle with scroll. Text. John in dalmatic with book.
    31. Rom. Paul seated with sword points up.
    The other Epistles up to and including Titus have variations on this theme.
    32. Heb. Paul with sword standing addresses two Jews on R.
    33. Acts. The Ascension: the Virgin in the centre in gold.
    34. James. Single figure, bareheaded.
    35. 1 Pet. Peter as pope, in peaked mitre and chasuble with key, seated.
    36. 2 Pet. Seated with key, as Apostle.
    37. 1 John. John writing.
    38. 2 John. The Elect Lady with palm, nimbed, seated.
    39. 3 John. John seated with palm.
    40. Jude. Single figure with book.
    41. Apoc. John writing. Rock with seven towers behind.
    42. Interpr. nom. Scribe at desk.

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