The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: O.2.51
  • Manuscript Title: Prudentius. Priscianus.
  • Alternative Title:   Prudentius, Psychomachia (A) and Priscian, Institutiones grammaticae (B)
  • James Number: 1155  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. x and xi.
  • Physical Description: Two volumes. I. Round miniscule (possibly by two hands), 23 lines to a page. II. Beautiful small hand, 42 lines to a page.
  • Provenance: 

    Stuck to the cover is part of a flyleaf of a larger MS. with the end of a table of contents on it, of cent. xii. Passio earundem alio modo dictata. Passio xl. militum.Vita S. gregorii pape. Passio Longini.Vita Geretrudis uirginis. Passio theodori presbiteri.Vita S. Cuthberti Ep.Vita S. Wlframni Ep. An erasure of four lines follows. At the end is a similar piece of a flyleaf. Near the top in a hand of cent. xiii isPassionale Sancti Ignatii · primum. There seems to have been no other writing on it. This fragment fixes the provenance of the book to Christ Church, Canterbury. In the Catalogue (Edwards, p.155) we have "Passionale S. Ignacii primum". Before reading this leaf I had had very little doubt that the book came from Canterbury. The second volume is in a small hand unmistakably of the Christ Church type, and an initial on f.121 is also markedly characteristic of the same place. It is not, unfortunately, possible to identify either of the MSS. in this volume with any entered in the Catalogues we possess, for all marks have disappeared. At the top of f.1 is the date 1588 and an owner.

  • Religious House:   Canterbury, Kent, Benedictine Cathedral Priory (Christ Church); Canterbury, Kent, Benedictine Abbey (St Augustine's)
  • Donor: Part of the Gale collection, given to T.C.C. by Roger Gale in 1738. K. 13. No. 383.
  • Size (cms): 22.5 x 16.5
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin
  • Century: Multiple; 10th century; 11th century
  • Folio: 24 and 160 ff.
  • Collation:  I. 18-38 II. 18-208.
  • Second Folio:    I. Ad huc recentum II longe ut
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  • Online Since:     13/11/13
  • I. Cent. x, xi. Rough initial S at the beginning.
    Rubrics in rustic capitals. Interlinear and marginal
    glosses, apparently all in Latin.
    f.1 Prudentii Psychomachia
    The title almost illegible.
    S(en)ex tidelis prima credendi uia.
    Ends f.24b:
    Aeternum solio diues sapientia regneT.

    II. Cent. xi, xii. Many marginal glosses, of cent. xiii mostly, and some interlinear. Rubrics in rustic capitals.
    f.1 Prisciani Grammatica
    The initial of the prologue is cut out.
    Prol. inc.
    Cum omnis eloquentie
    -locis inueniri.
    Expl. prol.
    f.1 Inc. capitula librorum numero decem et octo SICSDRO Prisciani
    f.1b Capitula
    Indiculus Prisciani gramatici Caesariensis · uiri eloquentissimi doctoris urbis Romae Constantinopolitanae.
    f.2 De voce et eius speciebus
    Philosophi diffiniunt.
    Initial of interlaced work with lion's head: green and red.
    f.9 Liber II. Initial on green ground. Medallion of man's head in C. Lion and dragon
    f.16 Lib. III. Green and red initial
    f.21 Lib. IV. Green, red and blue initial: two medallions of heads
    f.26 Lib. V. Green, blue and red initial, with dragon
    f.34 Lib. VI. Man and dragon
    f.46 Lib. VII. Centaur. Bird biting a man's leg
    f.58 Lib. VIII. Man fighting dragon
    f.74 Lib. IX. Man and dragon. Green ground
    f.81b Lib. X. Man and dragon. Red and green
    f.91 Lib. Xl. Two men fighting: dragon
    f.96 Lib. XII. Man and dragon
    f.100 Lib. XIII. Centaur shooting at bird on R.
    f.105 Lib. XIV. Like Lib. Xl. Green and red
    f.111b Lib. XV. Man, lower half a dragon. Green, red and blue
    f.116b Lib. XVI. Dragon
    Ends f.118b: sideribusque polus.
    Prisciani gramatici uiri disertissimi doct. urb. Rom. Const. Lib. sextus decimus expl.
    f.119a is blank: on the verso is a copy (cent. xvii) of the inscription on f.120b.
    f.120a a blank: on f.120b, in red rustic capitals with a blue initial, is this inscription:
    Flavianus Theodorus Dionisii uiri disertissimi filius. Memorialis sacri scrinii epistolarum et adiutor uiri magni quaestoris sacri palatii. scripsi manu mea artem Prisciani gramatici Caesariensis. uiri eloquentissimi doctoris mei in urbe Roma Constantinopolitana. quinto kalendas martii. Mavortio viro clarissimo consule. Iustino et Iustiniano imperantibus. de constructione partium orationis inter se.
    f.121 (A)rtis Prisciani gramatici Caesariensis septimus decimus liber de constructione inc.
    Quoniam in ante expositis.
    Initial added later (in late xiith cent.). Interlaced work on gold ground, containing four small white beasts. Surrounded by a square of blue (scraped off) framed in green.
    f.139 Lib. XVIII. Initial with dragon, by the first hand
    Ends f.158: omnium rerum satur.
    XVIII. lib. de constructione expl.
    2. f.158b Prisciani gramatici liber de accentibus inc.
    Littera est nota elementi.
    In a smaller and slightly later hand.
    Ends imperfectly f.160b:
    Excipiuntur queo. eo. et....


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