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  • Shelfmark: B.10.5
  • Manuscript Title: Epistolae Pauli (de Manu Bedae).
  • Alternative Title:   Pauline Epistles with glosses
  • James Number: 216  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. viii.
  • Physical Description: 

    26-27 lines to a page, with many interlinear and marginal glosses. In a rather irregular hand.

    The numbering of the leaves (of cent. xvi) runs from 2 to 67, but f.10 was left unnumbered. Probably when the numbering was done the last leaf of the quire preceding a was still in the book, loose.

    At the top of the first leaf is an early xvith century inscription 'deest epistola pauli ad romanos et 3a pars epistole prime ad corintheos.' The only attempt at ornamentation is in the initials. The initial to each epistle is filled in with yellow or pink and surrounded with dots, red or black, in the Celtic fashion. Initials of chapters are often similarly treated and the smaller initials to the separate sentences are filled in with colour (red or yellow) but not dotted.
    Capitula (and prologues) are written in double columns.

    Originally at each end in the binding was a slip of a service book of cent. xv, with music on a four line stave; these fragments have been removed and are now known as B.11.34, together with fragments from the same book which were preserved in R.5.34 and R.7.14. The fragment previously at at the beginning of B.10.5 has the name Humfray in a hand of cent. xv; that at the end has the beginning of a Credo.

  • Provenance: 

    Four leaves of this MS. are in the Cotton MS. Vitellius C. viii. Photographs of these leaves have been placed in the Library with B.10.5. Wanley (apud Hickes, Thes. Ling. Sept. II. 241) had guessed that they belonged to this Trinity MS. and Casley (Cat. Kings Library, p.356) repeated the conjecture. Westwood (Anglo-Saxon etc. MSS. p.140) also alludes to the Trinity MS. as an autograph of Bede.

    A label formerly attached to the Cottonian leaves, now inlaid on a separate leaf, gives us a clue to the history of the volume. It reads L. Epistolae Pauli de manu Bede. It is of paper, inscribed in a large hand of cent. xiv, xv. In the Catalogue of the Durham Library of 1391 (Surtees Soc. Catt. Vett. Dunelm. p.18) is the entry L. Epistolae Pauli glo. De manu Bedae. 2 fo. Et post. We have thus evidence that our MS. was at Durham in cent. xiv, and that it was then regarded as an autograph of Bede.

    Other supposed autographs of Bede were at Durham, namely
    (p.18. K. Epistolae Pauli glo. de manu Bedae. 2 fo. Paulus.)
    p.16. D. Quatuor Evangelia de manu Bedae. 2 fo. Baptizatus (now A. II. 16 in the Chapter Library at Durham.)
    E. Cassiodorus super Psalterium. 2 fo. Modulaciones. This is now B.II.30 in the Chapter Library. There is a label in the MS., Cassiod. super Psalt. de manu Bedae.

    A facsimile of a few lines of this last is given in the Catt. Vett. p.213, and one of a page in Pal. Soc. pl. 164. This last shows the book to be in a much more formed and regular hand than our MS. It is hardly possible that the two books should be the work of the same scribe. A hand more nearly resembling that of our MS. is that of Bede’s Historia Ecclesiastica, Tiberius C.ii (Pal. Soc. pl.141).

  • Religious House:   Durham, Benedictine Cathedral Priory of St Cuthbert
  • Donor: Given by Nevile, whose arms are on the cover.
  • Size (cms): 30.5 x 24.5
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin; Music; Old English
  • Century: 8th century
  • Folio: 67 ff.
  • Collation:  a10-f10 g? (seven left): 67 leaves
  • Notes:    The manuscript was disbound, conserved and photographed, then rebound in July-August 2017. A digitised copy of the manuscript prior to this can be found here.
    See also B.10.5A
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  • Online Since:     04/08/2017
  • The contents of the volume at present are as follows

    1. f.1(2) 1 Cor. beginning at vii. 32.
    qui sine uxore est solicitus est quae domini sunt.
    Explicit aepistola prima ad chorinthios :--

    2. f.9(l0) Jncipiunt tituli aepistolae secundae ad chorinthios:-
    i. De passionibus et consulationibus:-
    xxviiii. De apostolo chorinthios consultante:-
    Expliciunt tituli aepistolae · ii · ad chorinthios.
    f.10 Incipit argumentum aepistolae secundae ad chorintios
    Post acceptam poenitentiam -hortatur ad meliora (2 lines).
    Explicit argumentum. Incipit textus eiusdem aepistolae.
    Explicit ad chorinthios · ii · aepistola.
    f.19 Incipiunt tituli aepistolae ad galatas
    i. De resurectione domini.
    xxxvii. De apostolo in corpore suo stigmata domini nostri ihesu christi portante.
    Expliciunt tituli. Incipit argumentum.
    Galatae sunt greci
    -scribens eis ab ephesso. Explicit.
    Argumentum aepistolae ad galatas.
    Incipit textus eiusdem aepistolae.
    f.20 Text
    Expl. aepis. ad gal.
    f.24b Incipiunt tituli aepis. ad effessios
    i. De sanctis qui ante constitutionem mundi in domino christo electi sunt.
    xxxi. De felicitate et ministerio titi.
    Expl. tituli aepis. Inc. argumentum aepis.
    Ephessi sunt assiani
    -de carcere.
    f.25 Expl. arg. Inc. textus eiusdem aepis
    Expl. aepis. ad effes.
    f.30b Inc. tituli aepis. ad pilopenses
    i. De prespiteris qui ipsi aliquando fuerunt aepiscopi.
    xviii. De cessaris domo quae habuerit sanctos.
    Expl. tituli. Inc. argumentum eiusdem aepis.
    Philipenses sunt macedones -per aepafroditum.
    f.31 Expl. arg. Inc. textus eiusdem aepis
    Expl. aepis. pau. apos. ad philipenses.
    f.35 Inc. tituli aepis. primae ad thessalonicenses
    1. De Apostolo et siluano et timotheo pro thessalonicensibus semper orantibus.
    xxiiii (xxv). De apos. thessalo. adiurante per dominum aepistola legatur.
    Expl. tituli aepis. ad thessalo.
    f.35 Inc. arg. eiusd. aepis
    Thessalonicenses sunt macedones -accolitus. Expl. arg.
    f.35b Inc. textus eiusd. aepistolae
    Expl. aepis. prima ad thessal.
    f.38b Inc. tituli aepis. secundae
    i. De persecutione quae exemplum sit iusti iudicii dei et persecutorum supplicio sempiterno.
    viii. De saeparatione inobedientium ut reuertantur.
    Expl. tituli. Inc. arg. eiusd. aepis. sec. ad thess.
    Ad thessalonicenses saecundam
    -et onissimum ancholitum. Expl. arg.
    Inc. textus eiusdem aepis.
    Expl. aepis. saecuda (sic) ad thessalonicenses.
    f.40b Inc. tituli aepis. ad colosenses
    i. De spe reposita sanctis in caelis.
    xxviiii. De apos. manducante (!) ut colosenses aepis. laudicenses legerent et laudicensium colosenses.
    Expl. tituli. Inc. arg. eiusd. aepis.
    Colosenses et hii -scribit eis ab effesso.
    Expl. aepis. ad colosenses.
    f.44 Inc. tituli aepis · ad Timotheum
    i. De fabulis et genalogis et doctoribus uariis et plenitudine sanae doctorinae.
    xxx. De profanis natiuitatibus uocum.
    Expl. tituli. Inc. arg. eiusd. aepis. ad Timotheum.
    Thimotheum instruit -de eodem legitur.
    f.45 Text
    Expl. aepis. prima ad Timotheum.
    f.48b Inc. tituli saecundae aepis. ad timotheum
    i. De eunuchae atque loidae matre timothei et quod sancti non spiritum timoris acciperunt.
    xxii. De eubulo et pudente et lino et claudia et fratribus uniuersis. Exp. tit. aepis. saecundae ad tim.
    Inc. arg. eiusd. aepis.
    Item timotheo scribit -urbe roma.
    Expl. arg.
    f.49b Inc. textus eiusd. aepis.
    Expl. aepis. saecunda ad timotheum.
    f.52 Inc. tituli aepis. ad Titum
    i. De deo patre qui ante aeterna tempora dominum filium nobis prae declarauit.
    x. De apos. diligenter eum per literas salutante.
    Expl. tituli. Inc. arg. eiusd. aepis.
    Titum commonefacit -ab athenis.
    f.52b Expl. arg. Inc. textus eiusd. aepis.
    Expl. aepis. ad titum.
    f.54 Inc. tituli aepis. ad pilomonem
    i. De philimone et apia et archipo et domestica eorum aeclesia.
    iiii. De aepafra concaptiuo apos. et marco et aristarcho et
    dema et luca adiutoribus pauli.
    Expl. tituli. Inc. arg.
    Philimoni familares -onessimum ancolitum. Expl. arg.
    f.54b Inc. textus eiusdem aepistolae
    Expl. aepis. ad pil.
    f.55 Inc. tituli aepis. ad ebreos
    i. De christo quod deus "iudeos" sit circa exortatio multiformis.
    (l. quod deus sit circa iudeos.)
    xxxviiii. De uerbo solacii quem cum timoteo una comendat
    Expl. tituli. Inc. arg. aepis. ad ebreos.
    In primis dicendum est
    -greco sermone compossuit.
    Expl. praefatio aepis. ad ebreos
    f.56 Inc. textus eiusdem aepis. ad ebreos
    Ends f.67b -cum omnibus uobis. amen.
    Finit amen deo gratias. Sicut portus oportunus nauigantibus ita scriptoribus nouissimus uersus.
    Deo gratias christo domino deo salutari meo.

    The glosses demand a separate treatment, which must be deferred.


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