The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: O.3.7
  • Manuscript Title: Boethius
  • Alternative Title:   Boethius, De consolatione philosophiae with commentary
  • James Number: 1179  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. x.
  • Physical Description: In a fine miniscule, written in England. The initials are plain capitals filled in with colour, usually yellow. The metrical portions are written in rustic capitals. There are interlinear and marginal glosses, contemporary, in a very beautiful small hand.
  • Provenance: The book is from St Augustine’s, Canterbury. In the Catalogue of that Library (p.66) is the entry: Boecius de cons. phil. cum C. 2 fo. limen
  • Religious House:   Canterbury, Kent, Benedictine Abbey (St Augustine's)
  • Donor: Part of the Gale collection, given to T.C.C. by Roger Gale in 1738. H. 20. No. 334.
  • Size (cms): 30.5 x 23.5
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin; Old English; Music
  • Century: 10th century
  • Folio: 52 ff.
  • Collation:  18-58 614 (6 and 14 canc.).
  • Second Folio:    limen tristis
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  • Online Since:     03/10/2018
  • On the recto of f.1 is a full-page drawing, by an English artist of the time, of a female figure (Philosophy) standing full-face with veiled head, holding in her R. hand an open book (tall and narrow) and in her L. a flower or short floriated sceptre. This drawing is in outline, touched with vermillion.

    On f.1b are introductory glosses in paragraphs.
    Boetius iste fuit de familia mallii torquati
    -gladiis est interemptus.
    Iste liber componitur de quinque partibus
    -ad summum gradum perueniebat.
    Carmen dicitur quod carptim ponatur
    -effetae dicuntur.
    Felicem dicit fore fortunam
    -Malefida · cum male fiditur.
    Title in capitals.
    f.2 Inc. liber primus Anicii Manilii Seuerini Boetii excons. ord. Patr. De consolatione Philos.
    Carmina qui quondam studio florente peregi.
    This line is in capitals, filled in with yellow and red. The initial is of Celtic form and has two Dragons' heads.
    The 4th meter (f.4) appears to have neumes.
    f.9 Liber II. good initial in black, red and yellow
    f.17b Liber III.
    On f.24b in the lower margin is a diagram of the elements.
    f.31 Liber IV. Initial with birds' and dragons' heads
    f.43 Liber V.
    Ends f.51b: et ideo immutabilis.
    Expl. liber Anicii Manili-Seuerini Boetii exconsulis ord. patr. de consol. phil.
    Notes in the smaller hand follow.
    Queri autem a nonnullis solet cuius temporibus boetius fuerat.
    Notes on the 27 metres employed follow.
    The writing on f.52b has been treated with galls.
    After the notes on the metres is:
    Epitaphium Helpis coniugis Boetii.
    Helpes dicta fui siclae regionis alumna.
    Et socius uite............

    I have not detected any but Latin glosses in this book.


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