The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: O.4.16
  • Manuscript Title: Psalterium, etc
  • Alternative Title:   Psalter etc
  • James Number: 1247  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xiii late (near 1300).
  • Physical Description: 21 lines to a page. In a magnificent English hand, with fine ornaments.
  • Binding:   The initials R. M. (xvii) are stamped on the covers.
  • Provenance: [James suggests London in index to Classmark O.]
  • Donor: Part of the Gale collection, given to T.C.C. by Roger Gale in 1738. Marked G. 3. No. 288.
  • Size (cms): 33 x 23
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin; Music
  • Century: 13th century
  • Folio: 179 + 9 ff.
  • Collation:  Kal.8 (8 canc.) A2 (inserted) 112-412 514 612 712 86 96 1012 116 (3 canc.) 1212-1712 (4 replaced by another leaf) 184.
  • Notes:    Fragments of f.168v have adhered to f.167v.
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  • Online Since:     22/02/2015
  • f.i blank.
    f.ii Kalendar in red, blue, and black
    f.viii a blank.
    f.viiib Full-page painting (cent. xv) of William Clarkson
    f.ix Response. Regnauit dominus etc. (xv)
    f.ix Oracio ante psalterium
    Suscipere dignare (a longer form).
    f.1 Psalter
    f.148b Cantica
    f.162b Litany (last collects rewritten in cent. xv)
    f.168 Office of the Dead
    f.177b Rubric
    Saint gile comanda a charles le Roy de fraunce par le nuncement del aungel ke il fait chaunter ·viii. messes pur le pecche kil noseit descouerer etc.
    l a chescune messe soit dit memorie de saint Gile.
    Intercessio ou propre.
    f.178 Litany of the Virgin in double columns, of cent. xv
    f.179b Memoria of St Joachim
    Suhlimauit dei clemencia ioachim
    Deus qui beatum famulum tuum ioachim.

    In the Kalendar, the name of S. Thomas, and the word papa, are erased.

    Jan. 16 Kal. Feb. Sculpitii Ep. C.
    14 Wolstani Ep. C.
    10 Emerentiane V. M. in red.
    Feb. 3 Non. Blasii Ep. M. in red.
    2 Id. Transl. S. fredeswide in red.
    14 Kal. Mar. Juliane V. M. in red.
    Mar. Non. Perpetue et Felicitatis in red.
    Obiit Margareta de ferrar.
    Ap. 3 Non. Ricardi Ep. Cycestr. in red.
    8 Kal. Mai. Transl. S. Wlfridi.
    2 Added xvi dep. S. Erkenwaldi Ep. Lond.
    Mai. 7 Id. Transl. S. Nicholai Ep.
    7 Kal. Jun. S. Augustini Ep. Anglie in red.
    June. 3 Non. Osie V. (added xv. S. Herasmi M.).
    8 Id. An erasure.
    6 Kal. Jul. Added xv. S. Keneburge.
    July. Kal. An obit erased, date only left, a.d. Mo. ccco. xxxo.
    Aug. Non. Oswaldi R. M. in red. Dominic added xv, xvi.
    7 Id. Obit erased, date left, a.d. Mo. ccco, xlo.
    Sept. 4 Id....a.d. Mo. ccco, xxviijo.
    Oct. 2 Non. Fidis V. M. in red.
    5 Id. Transl. S. Aug. in blue.
    14 Kal. Fredeswide V. in blue.
    Nov. 18 Kal. Dec. Transl. S. Erkenwaldi Ep. Lond. added xvi.
    16 Eadmundi Archiep. in red.
    15 Hugonis Ep. Lincoln, in blue.
    13 Elisabeth matrone nobilissime added xiv.
    12 Edmundi R. in blue.

    In the Litany:
    Martyrs: Georgi Thoma erased... Cesan Albane Oswalde Aedmunde.
    Confessors: Marcialis... Augustine cum soc., Dunstane, Cutberte.
    Virgins: Fredeswida.
    Suffrages: Ut regibus (erased) et principibus etc.

    The Office of the Dead has been oddly treated. The first leaf has been pasted on to the last leaf of the Litany, and is almost gone. This last leaf of the Litany was seemingly a xvth cent insertion.

    The ornamentation of the book is interesting. It is of several periods.
    1. Initials historiated and decorative, original. Also pictures, two leaves of which only survive, before Ps. cix.
    2. Initials cut from a xiiith cent. Bible and pasted on the margins of the leaves.
    3. xvth cent. insertion before the Psalter.
    The last named comes first in the volume.
    On f.viiib is a full-page picture of a man in civilian's dress kneeling face R. at a prayer desk, with open book, under a canopy. The man's features are undistinguishable.
    Round the arch is written:
    Of your charyte pray for the soull of wyllyam clarkson ferrar (ferear) of london and margeret hys wyffe and all þere childaris.
    On f.ix a border with effaced shield (quarterly) in the lower margin.
    Large initial. Christ as the Man of Sorrows standing in the tomb, bleeding, with chalice before Him, surrounded by the Evangelistic emblems; the names of the Evangelists on scrolls.
    Original decoration.
    Beatus vir. Large initial. Jesse sleeping: from him springs a tree with seven figures; at the sides, four nimbed prophets with scrolls. In C. (1) David seated crowned, with harp, and sword with Goliath's head on it. (2) The Virgin suckling the Child. (3) Christ throned, with book, blessing.
    Gold ground.
    On the margin is pasted an initial I from the Genesis of a xiiith cent. Bible, containing seven elliptical medallions on gold ground, illustrating the days of creation and God resting on the seventh day.

    f.3a. Initial H from Exodus: Moses horned, followed by elders, smites the rock.
    On f.8a has been an initial from the Bible, now gone, so also on ff.7, 9, 12, 15, 19 etc.
    f.22a. Initial F from ? Reg. King admonishing a man.
    f.22b. Dominus illuminatio. Decorative initial: grotesque man with sword.
    f.25a. Initial F from 2 Reg. Man in mail beheading another man.
    f.30a. Initial P from 4 Reg. Ahaziah falls out of tower.
    f.35a. Initial I. Prophet with book.
    f.36b. Dixi custodiam. Decorative.
    f.38a. Initial T from ? Sleeping man by a tree, cloud ? above.
    f.40a. Initial I from Esther. A queen.
    f.42a. Initial P from Proverbs. Man seated, with large green rod, teaches a naked boy with a book.
    Quid gloriaris and Dixit insipiens have large decorative initials.
    At Exaudi deus. Initial A. A man (Habakkuk?) lowers a basket through a roof: a man inside stretches up his hands.
    Salvum me fac. Decorative.
    At Attendite. Initial I. Prophet with scroll.
    Exultate. Decorative.
    At Venite exultemus. Initial I. Prophet with book.
    Cantate. Decorative.
    Domine exaudi. Decorative.
    ibid. Initial I. Prophet with book.
    Ps. ciii Lat. Initial F. (Luke). Luke writing: ox-head in cloud.
    Ps. civ Lat. Initial I. (John's Gospel). Nimbed deacon or priest with book.
    Ps. cv Lat. Initial H. (Prol. to John). John writing. Eagle's head.
    Ps. cvi Lat. Initial P. (Acts). Ascension. Virgin and Apostles: feet of Christ above.
    Ps. cviii Deus laudem P. (Romans). Paul writing.

    Followed by two blank leaves, then on the inner side of the next two leaves, a set of pictures, six on each page, on gold grounds ornamented with incised lines and patterns.
    All those on the left of the first page are under three arches, the central one a trefoil: those on R. are in a lozenge inscribed in a quatrefoil.

    1. The Betrayal. The Kiss of Judas. Malchus wounded.
    2. The Scourging. Christ full-face. Two tormentors.
    3. Bearing the Cross. Two men behind Christ with clubs, one in front appears to grasp His nimbus.
    4. Crucifixion. A man nailing the feet with one nail.
    Two figures on each side: the outermost, spectators, then on L. Longinus pierces the side and rubs his eyes, which have blood on them. He is beardless and unarmed. On R. a man with reed and bucket.
    5. Deposition. The Virgin on L. takes the R. hand: a man supports the body. John on R. Another detaches the R. hand by means of pincers.
    6. The angel seated on the elevated end of the lid of the sepulchre. The three women on L. Three soldiers lie below.
    Second page. The pictures on L. are lozenge inscribed in quatrefoil, those on R. under 3 arches, the central one a trefoil.
    7. Descent into Hell. Christ with resurrection-cross leads Adam and Eve to L. out of Hell mouth. No other figures.
    8. Christ stands between trees with resurrection-cross. Magdalene prostrate on R. wipes His feet with her hair.
    9. The two disciples in cloaks going to Emmaus. Christ, opposite, talks to them.
    10. Trees on L. and R. Thomas (tonsured) kneels: his hand guided by the risen Christ to His side. No other figures.
    11. The Apostles. The Virgin in C. Christ's feet seen above in cloud.
    12. The Apostles seated, the Virgin in C. Paul with sword, Peter with keys. The Dove descends. Flames over the Apostles' heads.

    Another blank leaf follows. Probably the earlier scenes of Christ's life were represented in pictures, now lost, which preceded Ps. i.
    Dixit dominus. Decorative initial.
    Ad dominum. Decorative.
    Fifteen more initials from the Bible are pasted on to other leaves. All but one are taken from the Pauline Epistles, and represent Paul writing or addressing one or more persons. One is an initial I, probably from a Catholic Epistle, and represents an apostle with a book.


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