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  • Shelfmark: B.11.10
  • Manuscript Title: Pontificale.
  • Alternative Title:   Pontifical
  • James Number: 249  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xii.
  • Physical Description: 28 lines to a page. In a beautiful hand: written in England.
  • Provenance: On the 3rd fly-leaf (reversed) is a full-page drawing of a shield in black and white, with a lion rampant and a fleur-de-lys above. Motto. NON VIS SED VIRTVS VINCIT. Above. Aug. Styward l58(?)7 and the initials A é S.On the next fly-leaf the name Augustinus Styward is written, and on those that follow are sketches of a crest, an antlered stag gorged with a coronet.(Augustine Styward was Mayor of Norwich, and Robert Styward, a relation, was the last Prior of Ely.)Dr Luard has inserted a note on the provenance of the book, with a table of contents.[Bound into the manuscript are two letters from the great liturgist H. A. Wilson containing, among copious apologies for his late return of the manuscript, the opinion that it was written at Canterbury and that Cambridge University Library MS LL.2.10 was directly copied from it.]
  • Religious House:   Ely, Cambridgeshire, Benedictine Abbey and Cathedral Priory
  • Donor: Given by Nevile.
  • Size (cms): 25 x 18
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin; Music
  • Century: 12th century
  • Folio: 6 + 121 + 4 ff.
  • Collation:  6 fly-leaves | a6 | 18-128 132 | 148 (+8*) | 4 fly-leaves.
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  • Online Since:     11/09/2015
  • I. 1. f.1 The Prayer Summe Sacerdos without heading, in a hand of cent. xiii
    2. f.2(3)b D. I. C. mane cum surrexero
    3. f.3(4)b Tu D. I. C. qui sic pro nobis flexus es
    4. f.4(5)b In another hand (xiii)
    Mense primi quarti septimi et decimi sabbato inclinata iam die in ecclesia ubi tune Episcopus missam celebrat.
    (Rules for Ordinations.)
    5. In a large hand (xiii),
    f.5(6)b Qualiter synodus agatur prouincialis
    Litany, noted.
    Martyrs. Alban.
    Virgins: only S. Maria Magd., Aetheldreda, Withburga, Sexburga, Ermenilda.
    II. The original hand of cent. xii. Handsome initials of blue, scarlet and green.
    f.7(8) Incipiunt Benedictiones episcopates per anni circulum
    f.20(21) Inc. Bened in festiuitatibus sanctorum dicende ab episcopo
    There are no characteristic saints.
    f.27(28)b Qualiter concilium agatur prouinciale, prima secunda et tercia die
    f.29(30)b Prefacio ad clericum faciendum
    Qualiter ordinandi sunt psalmiste hostiarii lectores etc. etc. 30 (31)b
    f.36(37)b (Ordinatio Episcopi.) (Piissimo domino nostro N. anglorum rege consentiente f.38b)
    f.42(43)b Benedictio monachorum
    f.45(46)b Consecratio uirginis
    f.47b Benedictio Abbatisse
    f.49 Bened. generalis ad cultum ecclesie
    f.49 Bened. ferri iudicialis
    f.49 Bened. ferri feruentis
    f.50 Ordo qualiier domus domini consecranda est
    In the Litany we have
    Martyrs. Denis Maurice Lucian Eustace.
    Confessors. Iustus Theodore Dunstan Romanus...
    Virgins. Raddegundis Batildis.
    In the very short Litany on f.53, the only Confessors are Benedict and Augustine.
    The Greek alphabet 5f.3b includes the numerals simma cofo chi chile.
    f.66 Consecratio cimiterii
    f.67b Reconciliatio altaris etc.
    f.69b Missa in reconcil. ecclesie
    f.70b Consecr. baptisterii
    f.71 Consecr. cyborii, id est umbraculi altaris
    f.72 Bened. ad uestimenta
    The benedictions for sacred, vessels, crosses, bells, shrines, and of candles at Candlemas, follow.
    f.82 Ordo ad dandam penitentiam
    f.83 Bened. cinerum
    f.84 Bened. florum et frondium
    f.85 Reconcil. penitentium
    f.89 Bened. olei infirmorum
    f.93b Bened. ignis de silice excussi
    f.94 Ordo in die sabbati (Exultet) and Baptismal Office
    f.100 Bened. super eos qui peregre proficiscuntur
    ff.101, 102 Bened. uini noui, panis, salis, aque
    103 Bened. crucis
    103b Bened. ampulle or candelabri or thuribuli (added)
    III. In another hand very slightly later.
    f.104 Incipit Consecratio Regis
    In the Litany,
    Regi anglorum adeo coronato pax et uictoria.
    The Saints invoked are
    For the King. Clemens, Syxtus, Peter, Eadmund, Ermenigeldus.
    For the Queen. Maria, Felicitas, Perpetua.
    For the Archbishop. Augustine, Dunstan, Elphege.
    For the Eps and Abbots. Benedict.
    For the Princes and Army. Maurice, Sebastian, George.
    f.109 Consecratio regine and Benedictions of the crown and ornaments follow
    f.110 De iudicio aque feruentis quomodo inuentum sit
    Romani propter thesaurum s. petri.
    The form for the ordeal follows.
    f.112b Bened. anuli sponsi et sponse
    Added, in a contemporary hand,
    f.115b Ad uisitandum infirmum
    Litany: Martyrs. Alban.
    Confessors (3). Benedict, Martin, Athelƿold.
    Virgins (4). ADELDRYDA, Sexburga, Eormenhilda, Wihtburga.
    Ad unguendum infirmum.
    f.116b The Litany in the Commendatio has
    Martyrs. Alban.
    Confessors. Benedict, Birinus, Sƿiþun, Aþeluuold.
    Virgins. Maria Magd., Fides, Aþeldryða, Sexburga, Eormenhilda.
    Ends with the absolutio anime.
    The added Litanies all belong to Ely: the nucleus of the book is English but not from Ely.
    A MS. in the University Library (LL. 2. 10) is an exact pair to this MS., down to the added Litanies. It begins imperfectly in the Consecratio virginis, and omits the Consecratio regis.

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