The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: B.11.11
  • Manuscript Title: Missale.
  • Alternative Title:   Missal
  • James Number: 250  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xv (1430?).
  • Physical Description: Double columns of 33 lines. Well written, in English hand, with good ornaments.
  • Provenance: 

    On the fly-leaf is Thomas Bourgchier.
    T. B. Cantuariensis.

    Also T (?). Bourgchier. [Arms throughout the MS are those of Anne Plantagenet (d. 1438), daughter and heiress of Thomas of Woodstock, and of her husband William Bourchier (d.1420). Thomas Bourchier was their son, and was briefly archbishop of Canterbury - Scott, Later Gothic MSS]

    J. Worcestre T (?). [perhaps J. Tiptoft (Tibetot) Earl of Worcester d.1470?]

    J. T. de lysle.

    Before the Kalendar is inserted the title page of the Sarum Missal printed at Paris for Fr. Byrkman in 1515. At the end are fragments of three other printed Service-books. [Ker (1964) rejects Canterbury.]

  • Donor: Given by Nevile.
  • Size (cms): 24.5 x 18
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin
  • Century: 15th century
  • Folio: 363 ff.
  • Collation:  2 fly-leaves, 1 printed leaf. Kal.6 | 18-198 206 | 218-438 444 (wants 3, 4 blank) || 9 printed leaves | 456.
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  • Online Since:     29/10/2013
  • f.1 Kalendar. SS. David and Chad added
    S. Richard added
    S. John of Beverley added
    Translation S. Edumund (Apb) added
    Translation S. Richard added
    S. Sampson
    S. Wenefred
    f.7 S. Hugh Benedictio aque et salis
    f.8b Proprium de Tempore
    f.233 Proprium Sanctorum
    f.301 Commune Sanctorum
    f.301b Ordinacio Misse cotidiane etc.
    A rubric is erased on 348b.
    Ends 349.
    On 349b are devotions to the Virgin in a very late xv, xvith hand.

    On the printed leaves are: 1. Missa pro muliere pregnante.
    2.Ordo sponsalium etc.
    3. Missa de quinque vulneritms.
    In festo corone domini.
    A quire of late xvth MS. is added with Masses.
    In die visitationis B. Marie.
    Transfiguratio domini.
    Missa de nomine Ihesu.

    The pictured initials are:
    1. f. 7. Bordered page with three shields.

    1. Or a chevron gu 2. Quarterly 1, 3 England; 2 France ancient; 4 az. between 2 leopards passant or a bend dexter arg.
    3. Quarterly 1 and 3 gu. guttee or a fess arg., 2 and 4 arg. a cross gu.
    Benediitio salt's etc. Priest in alb by a desk blesses water in vessel of gold on the ground: salt by acolyte.
    2. f. 8b. Proprium de tempore. Bordered, with the same three shields. Priest kneels at altar on which are chalice and book. Acolyte.
    3. f.24. Christmas. Joseph and Mary adore Christ in the manger, with ox and ass by.
    4. f.30. Circumcision. Mitred priest. Mary and Joseph. Christ on altar.
    5. f.31b. Adoration of the Magi. The Virgin crowned. Joseph absent.
    6. f.151. Canon of the Mass. Sacrifice of Isaac, ram at Abraham's feet, faggots on the ground. Angel catches Abraham's sword.
    7. f.165. Easter. Christ steps out of the tomb. Four guards.
    8. f.182b. The Ascension. Apostles and Virgin. Christ's foot-prints seen on the mount.
    9. f.187b. Pentecost. The Virgin and apostles seated : the Dove above.
    10. f.195b. Trinity. An Italian Trinity.
    11. f.197. Corpus Christi. The Host in chalice held by two kneeling angels.
    12. f.229b. Dedication of a Church. A cruciform Church. A Bishop with pastoral staff dips asperge into bucket of holy water.
    13. f.233. Proprium Sanctorum. St Andrew with cross and book.
    14. f.244. Presentation, with mitred priest.
    15. f.261. St. John Baptist in landscape: lamb on mantle.
    16. f.277. Assumption of the Virgin: in a ground of red angels.
    17. f.284. Nativity of the Virgin. Anne in canopied bed. Two maids and the child.
    18. f.296. All Saints. Christ throned with septre: five virgins on L., four apostles on R.
    19. f.301b. Commune Sanctorum. An Apostle with book.
    20. f.302b. A similar figure.


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