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  • Shelfmark: B.11.2
  • Manuscript Title: Amalarius
  • Alternative Title:   Amalarius of Metz, Liber officialis
  • James Number: 241  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xi.
  • Physical Description: 26 lines to a page. In an exquisite round English hand. Admirable decorative initials with heads of beasts and birds. The last five leaves are mounted on tracing paper.
  • Provenance: 

    From Exeter. It is the last in the list of Leofric's books give to Exeter as printed in Wanley's catalogue (Hicke's Thesaurus, 11.80). It appears as Liber Officialis Amalarii.

    On f.121b is: Hunc librum dat leofricus episcopus ecclesie sancti petri apostoli in ex(onia ad se)dem suam episcopalem pro remedio anime sue ad utilitatem successorum suor(um ● si quis) autem ilium inde abstulerit ύ perpetue maledictioni subiaceat. Fiat. Das boc gif leofric b̅ into sceē petres minstre on exancest(re) þaer his biscopstol is ● his aefter filgendum to nitƿeorðnysse ● and gif hig hƿa ut Æt brede ● haebbe he ece geniðerunge mid eallum deoflum. Amen.

    On f.1a at top in red chalk Johannes Parker. This was the son of Abp Parker.

    [Hussey (2014) describes the manuscript as written at St Augustine's, Canterbury in the middle decades of the 10th century and at Exeter by the third quarter of the 11th century]

  • Religious House:   Exeter, Devon, Cathedral Church
  • Donor: Given by Whitgift
  • Size (cms): 31 x 21.5
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin; Old English; Music
  • Century: 11th century
  • Folio: 122 ff.
  • Collation:  1 fly-leaf | 18-48 (8 canc.) 58-128 l310 1410 (wants 10: no gap) 158 (wants 8 blank).
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  • Online Since:     05/12/2012
  • On the fly-leaf are scribbles of the alphabet (xi) andabcdefgh juþelenleo et ui(rgo)bryhtricus presbiteἐ. Liber de ecclesiastico officio secundum usum romanum (xv).

    In capitals, the ground coloured yellow and green,
    Collectio Amalarii viri doctissimi de ordine Romane aeclessiae qui vocatur liber officialis.
    i. De ordine orationum in missa ante epistolam.
    There are 38 capitula in lib. I. and 62 in lib. II.
    lxii. De sexta ferea.
    Expliciunt cap. libri II.
    In a smaller hand,
    Hic commemorantur dies aegyptiaci qui eo modo in anno circulo sunt obseruandi · ne in his sanguis minuatur aut potio ad soluendum praebetur.
    In principio itaque mensis ianuarii dies primus
    et ante eius exitum dies septimus.
    A principio mensis februarii dies · iiii ·
    et ante eius exitum dies · iii ·
    No more has been written.
    On the verso two xvith cent. notes, one from Trithemius.
    Incipit collectio Amalarii viri doctissimi
    f.4 De ordine Romane Æclesiae qui vocatur Liber officialis
    (In capitals: ground coloured red, yellow and green: good initial to text.)
    Postquam scripsi libellum qui a mea paruitate uocatur.
    Each chapter has a good initial, and title on coloured ground.
    f.44 Liber secundus
    In c. lx. the hand changes.
    C. lxii. ends f.112b,
    Noctibus quia in ea peracta est. (In Migne, P.L. 105, it is Lib. iv. c. xvi.)
    Then follow four lines with neumes.
    Venite adoremus dominum et procidamus ante eum qui fecit nos.
    -qui transduxit nos ad celestia sempiterna gaudia alleluia.
    In a larger hand,
    f.113 De parasceue
    Oramus te Domine dominorum magister rationis aeterne.
    Ends f.121b,
    Dicamus. Mihi autem adherere deo bonum est.


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