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The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: O.8.29
  • Manuscript Title: Magica.
  • Simplified Title:   Astrological and Medical Miscellany
  • James Number: 1404  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xiv-xvi.
  • Physical Description: Several volumes of various dates.
  • Provenance: 
  • Donor: Part of the Gale collection, given to T.C.C. by Roger Gale in 1738. C. 11. No. 142
  • Size (cms): 21.5 x 16
  • Support: Vellum and paper.
  • Language: Middle English; Latin; Middle French; Arabic; Dutch
  • Century: Multiple; 14th century; 15th century; 16th century
  • Folio: cir. 160 ff. in total
  • Collation: 
  • Notes:    ff. 55/56, 57/58, 61/62, 63/64 (all blank) are uncut and therefore not photographed.
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  • Online Since:     12/07/2017
  • I. Cent. xvi, clearly written, cir. 60 ff.
    1. Hippocras.
    Cap. 1. Of the foure Elementes.
    It is to be understood that there be foure Elements.
    2. Tractatus Johannis de Burgundia Galli de Peste.
    Because that all thinges here on earth.
    3. An imperfect tract on the method of finding lost or stolen objects by astrology.

    II. Vellum, two quires of 8 leaves of cent. xiv, xv.
    A system of prognostics without title: ff.2-16 are occupied with Latin verses (28 sets) each page headed with an Arabic word Almazena, Antha, Allathon etc.
    The verses begin
    Hoc ornamentum decus est et fama parentum
    Non erit indempnis uictor sed fama perhennis.

    III. Vellum and paper. Cent. xv, cir. 50 ff.
    A set of astronomical tables with text in Latin and Dutch.

    IV. Vellum. Cent. xiv, xv, 13 ff.
    Iste liber dicitur Rota fortune in qua sunt 16 questiones determinate in pronosticis sententiat'. basilici que sub sequentibus inscribuntur et sunt 12 spere et 16 Reges pro iudicibus constituti et habent determinare veritatem de questionibus antedictis cum auxilio sortium.
    The questions, tables, spheres and Kings follow, and then volvels relating to other forms of augury in a later hand.

    V. Paper. Cent. xvi, cir. 30 ff.
    Astrological notes beginning with
    Epitome de sphaera.

    VI. Vellum. Cent. xvi early, 8 ff.
    f.1 1. Cy comence le liure des esperitz le quel fut manifeste au saige Salomon a les contraindre en terre et faire obeir a la volente humaine etc.
    Au comancement du liure seront mis les nom des esperitz qui sont gouerneurs et maystres de touz les aultres esperitz de la Region et office de lucifer de loffice de bezlebut de satern etc.
    Lucifer fut moult bel etc.
    Ends f.4b with a description of Bucal.
    -et a xxviij legions.
    Finis laudat opus.
    f.5 2. Cy ampres ensiult le liure des coniuracions par le quel lon peult contraindre les esperitz etc.
    The conjurations are mostly in Latin.
    Ends f.8b
    Hec finis sancte sciencie Sancti Salomonis.
    Two circles follow inscribed Jhesus autem transiens etc. and Verbum caro factum est.

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